18 June 2009

London clinics have seen a surge in bookings for ‘sweatox’ treatments - the new procedure which stops perspiration for about seven months. The procedure involves injecting Botox into the armpits or other sweaty parts of the body. The Harley Medical Group can report that bookings are already up 40 per cent this year. Teacher Laura Keeling, 28, who had a Sweatox treatment a month ago, said: “I have suffered from excess sweating since I was a teenager. No deodorant worked and I ended up just wearing black so the marks would be less visible. I was a real sweaty betty. “I had 25 injections in each armpit – it was all done in 15 minutes. It took a week or two to kick in but now I’m able to wear anything I like. “I’ve read about having my sweat-glands laser out altogether. That costs about £3,500 but it’s something to think about.” Liz Dale, director of the Harley Medical Group, said: “Although we saw a marked increase in what has been dubbed ‘sweatox’ last year, bookings over the past month have outstripped demand in 2008.”