Everything you need to know about Breast Surgery

Everything you need to know about Breast Surgery

28 October 2015

Breast Surgeries are still the most commonly performed Cosmetic Surgery – and if anything the number of procedures looks set to increase this year – though an enlargement isn’t the only option when it comes to breasts, so what do you need to know about Breast Surgeries?

  • Breast Reductions

Breast Reduction surgeries have been in the spotlight recently, with actress Ariel Winter talking very openly about her decision to undergo the operation. The ‘Modern Family’ actress choose to reduce her 32F breasts to a 34D and was delighted with the results of the surgery, “It’s amazing to finally feel right,” she told Glamour magazine “This is how I was supposed to be.”

Of all Cosmetic Surgeries, a Breast Reduction arguably has the broadest positive impact on a patient’s lifestyle. Large breasts can limit women in terms of their wardrobe, how active they are and even leave some ladies with constant back and neck pain.  The procedure can (literally) lift a big weight from their shoulders.

The operation involves making an incursion vertically from the base of the breast up to and around the nipple. Then some of the breast tissue and excess skin is removed before a smaller, perkier breast is formed.  This means there is some scarring involved in the procedure, though patients often report this heals better than they had expected.

  • Breast Enlargement

During a Breast Enlargement silicone implants are placed into the breast to increase their size.  It’s a procedure celebrities like Kelly Rowland, Kourtney Kardashian and Victoria Beckham have all talked openly about, though their does still seem to be a trend towards staying tight-lipped about Cosmetic Surgery in Hollywood.

In the past large implant sizes of DD/E proportions were popular, though in recent years it has become more common for women to opt for a full C/D cup sized implant as a European body shape has become fashionable.

If you’re considering a Breast Enlargement it’s important to make the decision about your body shape purely for yourself and not to keep up with current trends. One Cosmetic Surgeon explains, “With the young patients (in particular) I think they just have to make sure it’s what they want and not a knee-jerk response and not keeping up with what whoever (in the media) is doing.”

Breast Lift

As big Breast Enlargements have become less common, more women are forgoing an implant all together and opting for a Breast Lift instead. This operation does not alter the size of the breast at all it merely lifts the breast’s upwards to a higher position on the chest.

The operation involves the same insertions as a Breast reduction, though no tissue is removed and surgeons simply cut away any sagging, excess skin to form a perkier boob.

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Image credit: Roman Seliutin/ Shutterstock