21 April 2011

Requests for laser hair removal are up by 37 per cent on this time last year, no doubt inspired by a combination of increased awareness of the effects of the treatment and the warmer weather encouraging us to bare more flesh. So what do potential customers of this revolutionary treatment need to know before committing to the necessary number of sessions? Firstly, thanks to the latest laser technology treatment, no matter what your skin or hair colour and type, you can now benefit from permanent hair reduction or removal. Gone are the days when only those with dark hair would see good results from laser technology, and now even vellus hair (or peach fuzz) can be removed. Secondly, it is essential to have the treatment at a registered cosmetic clinic and not just by the cheapest practitioner you can find. This is because the laser used is an advanced piece of technology and one that in the wrong hands could cause skin damage. Clinics employing trained and experienced cosmetic nurses and aesthetic practitioners will also be much more like to be safe, clean environments with proper patient safety procedures in place. Thirdly, the number of treatments required varies from one individual to the next making initial consultations very important to get an accurate price for the course and to ensure you know exactly what to expect. Initial consultations will often involve carrying out computerised photo imaging skin analysis, a process by which the condition of the skin is assessed, and this helps the nurse involved to recommend the right number of treatments and also get an idea of how effective it will be. And finally, it is important to remember that permanent hair removal is not 100 per cent guaranteed, and many people will benefit instead from permanent hair reduction.