Everything you need to know before a Breast Augmentation

Everything you need to know before a Breast Augmentation

19 August 2015

It’s the most commonly performed Cosmetic Surgery in the UK, with over 11,000 procedures in 2014 alone – so if you’re considering a Breast Augmentation you’re certainly not alone! Your Surgeon will discuss all the details of the operation during your consultation, but here are a few things it’s good to know beforehand…

  • The current trend is for smaller implants

While Baywatch style breasts may have been popular at one point in time, in recent years a more subtle result has become popular with Breast Augmentations. As one Surgeon explains, “The trend now is to be discreet… One of the most common requests I get is, ‘I don’t want to wear a padded bra anymore, but I don’t want anybody to notice anything different.’”

  • Only look at before and after pictures relevant to you

Cosmetic Surgery is never as simple as picking a picture and saying you want that body. So when it comes to before and after pictures, it is only helpful to look at the results of someone else’s surgery if their breasts looked similar to yours beforehand.

  • The scarring probably won’t be as bad as you imagine

Some women require a Breast Lift to get the results they desire. It’s a procedure which involves removing excess skin from drooping breasts and repositioning the nipple, a surgery which will initially leave a scar around the areola and vertically down the breast. This may sound slightly off putting but the Surgeon assures, “in time, the scar running down the breast from the nipple fades incredibly well.”

  • The larger your implants the more ‘fake’ they will feel

The size of the implants is a big contributing factor when it comes to the feel of your breasts post-surgery. A smaller implant will mean more of your natural tissue left covering it, thus a more natural feel; whereas with a larger size you’ll mostly feel the implant.

  • Recovery times are relatively quick

While you’ll certainly need a few days off work, women are now being advised to return to their usual activities soon after their surgery. The surgeon explains, “In the past patients were given warnings to take it easy, now it’s the opposite. There’s a lot of evidence that those who carry on with life after their op are the ones who recover quicker.”

  • One set of implants won’t last for ever

If you’re thinking about a Breast Augmentation it’s important to consider having repeat surgeries in the future as implants will only last for around 10 years.

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Image credit: Piotr Marcinski/ Shutterstock