18 June 2014

You're probably aware of the term "Yummy" by now, maybe you know someone who embodies all of the characteristics or perhaps you are one yourself? If you haven't a clue what we're talking about then never fear because we're here to tell you all about it.

Here at The Harley Medical Group, we're really excited to introduce you to the Young Urban Male (known to his friends as the Yummy), we've even created an infographic on him, allowing you to track his evolution back to the 17th century. 

So who is the Yummy? He's the man whose hair is never less than perfectly coiffed, whose skin glows with health and vitality (because he sticks to a skincare regime) and who is never seen in the same outfit twice (yes, he's a designer-label loving shopaholic). What makes him so great? The birth of the Yummy signifies good news for the economy believe it or not, because this is a man who loves to spend spend spend; when he's not shopping 'til he drops, he's booking a course of Laser & Skin treatments to iron out those wrinkles or pampering himself at the nearest day spa.

What else can I find out from the infographic? We've covered the different profile types of the pre-Yummy so you can have a better understanding of where exactly he came from. It may not surprise you to learn that he has evolved over time to become the man he is today. We've also identified some emerging trends and delved further into the characteristics of the Yummy to prove to you just what a common phenomenon he is - check out the top ten ways in which women claim their partners are high-maintenance; that's right ladies, the traditional roles are reversing, with men taking over as the most high-maintenance in a relationship.

Don't believe us? We've got the statistics to prove it in our "grooming regime by numbers" graph, which shows that men spend more time than women on grooming themselves on everything other than hair, make-up and touch-ups. Add to that the rise in popularity of Male Cosmetic Surgery in recent years and it's not difficult to see a pattern emerging.

If you thought the Yummy was purely a British trend, think again, he exists across the sea too, in Europe, the USA, China, Japan and South Korea, albeit with slightly different concerns. So take a look at our infographic today and see whether you can identify any Yummys in your life and let us know on Facebook and Twitter!