06 January 2014

Woman with vibrant skinShe may be eligible for her bus pass, but media reps who saw pictures of actress Jane Seymour, 62, running around in a two-piece bikini on holiday in Hawaii recently, say her trim and toned body shows the benefits of a regular exercise regime. The four times married British-born actress also told Closer magazine earlier last week that she was "in better shape now in some ways than when I was doing [1973] Bond film [Live And Let Die]." As well as weekly gym sessions, the grandmother and mum of four says her exercise regime includes swimming, tennis, golf, power-walking and push-ups but she says she doesn't go on any specific diet."I hate to deny myself things. If I have pasta, I'll just eat half of it," she said. And while Ms Seymour had Breast Implants, a minor 'Eye Lift', and Line and Wrinkle treatment in the 1990s, she says she still relies heavily on the tried and trusted natural means of preserving her looks. "I always wear a hat when I'm out in the sun, I drink a lot of water, and my skin is at its best when I've had sleep," she said.