25 February 2014

Beauty PageantA former Miss USA and Playboy Playmate of the Month has been photographed flaunting her body on a Hawaii holiday showing the benefits of an earlier Liposuction procedure in the process. Blonde Shanna Moakler, 38, was also being filmed for a forthcoming series of reality TV show Hollywood Exes, and the Daily Mail has today published a series of pictures of Moakler clad in a black monokini taken during that shoot.Before undergoing her Liposuction, Moakler had complained of being unable to rid herself of her excess belly fat after giving birth to each of her three children. But now, after undergoing a procedure called Laser Liposculpture, she says: "I feel so much better. My clothes fit better, I'm more confident in a bikini, I'm really happy and super-pleased." However, Moakler insists that she continues to work out one to two hours a day to ensure that she maintains her weight. Have you had Liposuction post-childbirth and would you recommend it? Send us a tweet.