Excess Skin Removal and Liposuction on the rise

21 January 2015

Cosmetic procedures such as Liposuction and Excess Skin Removal are on the rise – and it’s all down to people losing weight.

A recent survey by Mintel found that 22 per cent would consider having either Liposuction or Excess Skin Removal to shed those last few pounds after having lost a significant amount of weight.

In recent years, the Government and health organisations have been urging overweight and obese people to lose the weight for good. The availability of such procedures can help to motivate people and gives them something to aim for once they’ve lost the pounds.

According to the research, the waistline is the top body concern with 40 per cent of adults unhappy with the size of theirs. Half of those participants who had already had Cosmetic Surgery cited a boost in self-esteem as their primary motivation.

Nearly 25 per cent of participants said they would consider undergoing Excess Skin Removal, while Liposuction is a consideration for 20 per cent.

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