25 September 2012

Advances in laser technology could help more acne sufferers to cope with the condition. According to a report by, smaller lasers have been developed that make it simpler than ever for medical professionals to treat patients.There are various reasons why a person might develop acne, from over-stimulation of the sebaceous glands which can lead to blocked pores, to pollutants in the atmosphere that humans are exposed to every day. Teenagers and adults alike suffer from this extremely common skin condition. Other laser treatments, such as laser hair removal, have been common in the UK for some time. And the increasing ease with which people can use lasers to treat their acne in a virtually pain-free manner looks set to make sure that trend continues. However, anyone planning on undergoing a laser treatment to reduce the appearance of acne and boost their self-confidence is urged to seek the advice of a trained medical professional, and only go ahead with a treatment session following a thorough consultation. See original article here: