Expert discusses trends in Male Cosmetic Surgery

Expert discusses trends in Male Cosmetic Surgery

22 April 2015

With Cosmetic Surgery for men on the rise every year, experts are beginning to spot some trends. New York-based Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech has revealed his findings.

  • Who do men want to look most like?

It’s common for patients to bring a photo of their favourite celeb lookalike to their Cosmetic Surgery consultation. Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Brady are currently the top three celebrities men wish to look like.

  • What influences a man’s decision to have Cosmetic Surgery?

Like women, male Cosmetic Surgery patients take their time to come to a decision. However, Dr. Steinbrech explains that often, a man wakes up one day and realises that he wants to go ahead with Cosmetic Surgery. There are many reasons for this: he wants to compete with fellow colleagues to do the best at work; his relationship status has changed; he’s getting back into the dating scene and wants to be noticed.

  • Do men recover as well as women?

A man’s recovery after Cosmetic Surgery is often slightly different to that of his female counterpart – and it all comes down to reluctance to follow the aftercare guidelines prescribed by the Cosmetic Surgeon.

Dr. Steinbrech said: “I have to be on top of them during the recovery period to make sure they heal absolutely perfectly. They like to sneak off to the gym before I give them permission.”


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Image Credit Attribution: Adam Gault/ Valueline/ Thinkstock