Expert explains causes and solutions of Adult Acne

Expert explains causes and solutions of Adult Acne

9 February 2015

Thought Acne was just for teenagers? Think again – 20 per cent of women aged 25 and over suffer from spots. One expert explains the causes and solutions for Adult Acne.

Acne occurs when your pores become clogged with dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. American Skin Care expert Paula Begoun explains: “The bacteria feasts on the follicle’s contents, which starts a domino effect by producing inflammatory chemicals and enzymes. This process attracts white blood cells to combat the bacteria, which leads to inflammation.”

When it comes to treating Acne, Paula explained that the key is to target the inflammation. “Anything you can do to reduce inflammation will help acne heal faster – the reverse is true as well, making the inflammation worse will make the acne worse,” she continued.

There are multiple causes of Acne, including stress, sensitive skin, hormones, food, Rosacea and hereditary factors.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. You’ll be pleased to know there are ways to treat Acne effectively. Paula advises against picking or squeezing your Acne spots to prevent the spread of bacteria and scars forming. Likewise, you should avoid touching your face as you may transfer the bacteria from your hands, making your spots worse.

Oil-free moisturiser can help to soothe irritated and inflamed skin while drinking water will keep your skin hydrated.

We offer a number of effective Adult Acne solutions and Scar treatments at The Harley Medical Group, from PPx/ Isolaz Laser treatment to Obagi Blue Skin Peels and Medical Microdermabrasion to unclog your pores and remove your blemishes, leaving you with clear, smooth looking skin.

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