30 June 2014

Fighting the fuzz is no easy feat when youre a lady so you can imagine how much more difficult (and painful) it is when treating a sensitive part of the body such as the face. One struggle many women are too familiar with is removing facial hair specifically in the upper lip area but thankfully, an expert has proffered advice on which treatments best tackle this hairy matter. One Hair Removal Specialist stresses the importance in choosing the right type of Facial Hair Removal treatment. Its not a one size fits all system, The Doctor explains. Safe and effective treatment depends on your skin type, along with the colour, thickness and amount of hair you want to remove. If hair is thick and theres lots of it it could be related to a hormonal imbalance from conditions such as polycystic ovaries or the menopause. As everyones skin is different, its imperative that you choose treatment that complements your skin type. Naturally budget will be a huge factor in determining what kind of Laser Hair Removal youll opt for, but ultimately, be wary of going for a short-term solution as this could result in some detrimental long-term side effects. The Doctor adds: Watch out when using hair removal creams as they can contain high levels of chemicals that can irritate skin. Shaving is a good method, but its a quick fix, and hair will grow back thicker, because anything that stimulates the skins circulation feeds hair, encouraging it to grow stronger. Have you thought about getting Laser Hair Removal? Fortunately for you, we know just the remedy Harley Medicals very own Laser Hair Removal treatment. Visit our site to find out more, or give us a tweet on our Twitter page today!