Expert gives tips for model-worthy skin

Expert gives tips for model-worthy skin

8 October 2014

Models are renowned for having great skin and flawless complexions – but it’s no coincidence. Contrary to popular belief, clear and blemish-free skin is not just all down to good genes; it also comes from maintaining a proper Skin Care regime.

Of course, where models are concerned, having bad skin is not an option – it’s part of their job to always look immaculate and flawless, according to one expert.

She says: “Taking care of their skin is not about being vain or wanting to feel good – it’s an investment in their career”.

So here are some tips for model-worthy skin:

  • Keep your skin prepped all year round

The only way to guarantee clear skin is to maintain a year-round Skin Care regime. Now and again, it may be worth boosting this with Non Surgical solutions such as Laser treatment to tackle pigmentation woes.

  • Take your whole body into consideration

For models, Skin Care isn’t just a focus for the face; it matters for the whole body. Taking your entire body into consideration from head to toe will help to determine the best course of action for achieving smooth and flawless-looking skin.

  • Don’t panic at the first sign of a spot

Do you worry about getting a spot the morning of a big event? You can easily tackle redness and inflammation with a tiny amount of Acne cream. Then simply hide the spot with concealer and nobody will know.

  • Visit a specialist

There’s another reason models can always boast beautiful skin – they attend regular appointments with skin experts. This enables them to use only the best products for their skin type and to address all of their skin concerns.

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