02 April 2013

Bag of cosmeticsA plastic surgeon has offered advice to those who are looking to give their skin a pick-me-up following the extended period of winter weather. Dr Mark Berkowitz, who is based in Detroit in the US, said spring is the perfect time to give the skin the extra healing attention it deserves after the harshness of winter.He explained that microdermabrasion is a good option, as it removes old, dead skin cells to give the face a renewed, fresher, younger-looking glow ready for the warmer months. Alternatively, Dr Berkowitz suggested wearing products with an SPF, noting this is just as important during the colder months as it is in the summer. "Always apply sunscreen before going out, even if it's below freezing, and use SPF protection for your lips as well, he stated. When they are at home, individuals should apply moisturiser every day, use lukewarm water to wash their face and protect their skin from itchy jumpers by wearing a soft cotton top underneath. As a last resort, the expert recommended laser resurfacing, as it can repair uneven skin tone and minimise the appearance of fine lines. Read the full story here: http://world.einnews.com/247pr/337355