Expert sheds light on Lip Fillers

6 February 2015

As Valentine’s Day approaches, lips become a huge focus with many people seeking the perfect pout to pucker up with. New York City based specialist Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich explains all about Lip Fillers.

He says that Lip Enhancement “transcends the age boundaries” so age really isn’t a factor. What is important to bear in mind however is that the treatment is not as straightforward as you might imagine.

For this reason, Dr. Vasyukevich is a strong advocate of patient consultations, using them to find out the patient’s “ideal lips” before informing them about what they can expect from treatment.

It’s important, he says, to focus on achieving a natural look, keeping the lips soft. To prevent over-injection, Dr. Vasyukevich asks the patient to hold the mirror while he administers the Lip Filler.

He said: “I always start with the upper lip first. Using a rounded tip as oppose to a needle’s sharp tip, I layer the filler in small strips. This technique is nearly painless, allowing me to avoid unappealing lumps and ensure symmetry.”

Once the Filler has been administered to the upper lip, the Doctor uses the same technique for the bottom lip, making it 30 per cent larger to ensure a balanced and attractive look.

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