Expert shows men how to do Skin Care in two minutes

Expert shows men how to do Skin Care in two minutes

3 November 2014

While women are renowned for investing extra time and effort into their Skin Care routine, men on the other hand are the complete opposite. However with more and more men becoming more appearance-conscious, guys are now looking for minimum fuss ways to ensure maximum results in the looks department.

Top New York City Dermatologist Whitney Bowe has come up with an easy and effective way for men to look their best – taking a total of two minutes to look preened and perfect!

  • Cleanser (twice daily, 30 seconds). Oily complexions should be treated with a foaming cleanser to help break down debris, while dry skin will look and feel better with a creamy wash.
  • Moisturiser (twice daily, 30 seconds). The more hydrated your skin, the younger looking skin you’ll have.
  • Exfoliator (once/twice a week, 60 seconds). Bowe says exfoliating “helps prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs, and livens up a dull complexion.” Apply yours by rubbing in circular motions, before rinsing.
  • Eye cream (twice daily, 30 seconds). “The skin around the eyes is fragile and shows the first signs of aging, along with sleepless nights,” explains Bowe. A combination of caffeine and vitamin C can tackle fine lines and under-eye dark circles.

Boys – what products do you use to buff your way to great-looking skin? Tell all on our Twitter page now!