Expert talks Acne prevention

Expert talks Acne prevention

3 March 2015

Whether you’re a teen or an adult, breaking out in Acne is more common than you’d think. The good news is, you don’t have to simply suffer it. Here are some tips to help prevent those unwanted blemishes - and it all comes down to adopting a proper Skin Care regime.

You may be familiar with the phrase “prevention is better than cure”. While there are many treatments out there for Acne, there are some easy ways in which you can prevent it. Hormones and genes play a large part in whether or not you get Acne and while you can’t help your genes, you can make a difference to your hormones.

By maintaining a Skin Care regime, you can help to prevent Acne as well as scarring. Aim to wash your face twice a day, particularly after exercise when you’ve perspired a lot. Use a mild, gentle cleanser to rid your skin of any impurities, paying attention to your hairline and your jaw line.

It may be tempting to pick and squeeze your spots but doing so could result in scarring. Using mild, Acne-friendly Skin Care products will prevent any irritations and help to reduce your Acne inflammation.

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Image Credit Attribution: shvili/ iStock/ Thinkstock