19 October 2011

Men suffering from enlargement of the breast tissue have been told by experts to look to their diet before considering surgery. Male breast enlargement is said to affect millions of teenagers and adults, and is often related to excess oestrogen being produced during puberty. According to Dr Elliot Jacobs, who is an expert in gynecomastia surgery, about 60 per cent of teenage boys develop some degree of breast enlargement, but in most cases it disappears after a couple of years.For those who have been suffering from gynecomastia for a number of years and are perhaps suffering from excess skin tissue, surgery has become an increasingly popular solution. However, nutritionists have said sufferers should first look to their diet before deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery. Dietary advice includes cutting out alcohol, removing non-organic foods and increasing intake of soy products. Dr Jacobs said patients in his practice won't be cleared for male chest reduction surgery unless they have had the condition for two years or more.