29 November 2013

Posture and exercise experts have helped a South African lifestyle website compile a list of tips to help people ward off the risk of so-called 'Turkey Neck'. The article, on Iol.co.za, says: "Nothing betrays a woman's age more quickly than a cr�pey, sagging neck. "This delicate area develops wrinkles faster than the face, yet is often left out of beauty regimes," it adds. It then suggests that paying attention to your posture � both while lying and sitting down � can help alleviate the possibility of developing lines on the neck. Posture expert Dominic Cheetham says it is essential to keep the gap between the shoulder and head supported when sleeping on your side. But he says sitting for long periods hunched over a computer should also be avoided, and anyone who has to use a screen for long periods should try to hold their head as high as possible. Neck exercises can also help to keep skin in this area looking younger, adds facial yoga expert Danielle Collins. Skin on the neck is also thinner than in many other areas, so it should be cleansed, toned and moisturised at the same time as your face, the article suggests. Those wishing to go down the route of Cosmetic Surgery can undergo a Neck Lift procedure in conjunction with a Lower Face Lift to help smooth the appearance of the neck and tighten the neck muscles.