17 June 2014

Summers here, and its time to bare your legs right after you decide which method of hair removal is the least painful/expensive. While theres the obvious option of visiting a beauty salon and getting waxed (or going down the DIY approach and shaving), more and more people are choosing to go with Laser Hair Removal thanks to the success stories people have shared regarding their experiences with this treatment. But for those with reservations regarding Laser Hair Removal, Elle magazine has kindly taken the time to put any burning questions concerning this treatment to one of the worlds top beauty experts Berenice Rothenberg:What do you think is the biggest mistake people make when undergoing Laser Hair Removal?Rothenberg believes that two main issues affect peoples experiences with this treatment: There are two big mistakes people make. Not seeing someone who is licensed or certified with experience, and not coming back enough times to complete the full treatment.How many treatments will I need until I see results?While everyone is different, Rothenberg recommends more than two or three visits: The process is only effective during your hairs growing cycle, [which is influenced by ones] hormones and genetics.Is the hair removed instantly?Depending on the hair, it can either come off right away or take up to 10 days before it falls off completely.Is Laser Hair Removal safe for my skin?Rothenberg recommends anyone considering Laser Hair Removal to ensure they receive a patch test from whoever is treating them (taking into account the persons hair, skin type as well as sensitivity).How long can I go without shaving/waxing before having Laser Hair Removal?Its suggested that you shave two days prior to Laser treatment but for those who wax, leave a period of seven days before treatment.Is it safe for me to be on antibiotics while getting Laser treatment?Check on the type of antibiotics youre taking as well as how long youve been on them but always consult your doctor before having any kind of Laser treatment. So there you have it the ins and outs of Laser Hair Removal, direct from the hair removal veteran herself. Have you given Laser Hair Removal a go? If so, were you pleased with the results? Share some shots of your super-smooth skin on our Facebook page today!