20 October 2011

Healthcare professionals have voiced their concerns about possible changes to the way VAT is applied to cosmetic surgery treatments. There are worries that if prices for surgery and treatments increase, people will look for low-cost options that could well carry a higher risk.Writing in the Express newspaper, cosmetic surgery experts Dr Aamer Khan and Lesley Reynolds Khan said thanks to an increase in the number of people opting to undergo low-cost procedures being offered by foreign clinics, British doctors have seen a "huge increase" in the number of women who have been through botched operations. They said treatments abroad are often being performed in "backstreet clinics" where no safety measures have been put in place or medical checks carried out. The Khans advised people to always make sure a clinic has a telephone number and a physical address, rather than just a website, and that the doctor or surgeon speaks good English. It is also vital to ensure the clinic is registered with the necessary statutory bodies in that country and that copies of the doctor's and clinic's insurance certificates are obtained.