15 July 2014

Although ageing is a completely natural phenomenon, many of us make it our mission to reverse the hands of time. Why? Well for a start, when we look younger, we tend to feel better about ourselves. While there are many Cosmetic Surgery procedures available to turn back the clock, some people prefer to turn to Non Surgical treatments instead. So here are the top Anti-Ageing treatments as explained by the experts.Medical MicrodermabrasionMedical Microdermabrasion is a useful treatment for restoring youth and vitality to skin. It involves using medical grade aluminium crystals to exfoliate the skin, encouraging cell renewal and removing the dead skin cells from your skins surface. Skin Therapist Colleen Lamoureux recommends Medical Microdermabrasion for women over 50 as a great way to refine skin texture and soften lines.Skin PeelsSkin Peels work by removing the outer layer of skin to reveal the healthy, shiny new skin underneath. This is a useful treatment for those with brown spots or hyperpigmentation as it gently removes them without damaging the skin. Colleen recommends combining a Skin Peel with Medical Microdermabrasion for maximum results.Line & Wrinkle treatmentCommonly used to smooth lines and wrinkles, this treatment works by blocking the muscle contractions in your skin and can help reduce frown lines for up to four months. Doctor Todd Schlifstein says that while Line & Wrinkle treatment is safe and effective, it is important to use just enough to freshen up your face, while still allowing full motion. This achieves a more natural look.Dermal FillersIts natural for our collagen levels to deplete as we age. This leads to a reduction in facial volume and skin can start to sag. Dermal Fillers can be used to effectively plump the skin again and increase collagen levels with results typically lasting up to six months. Would you consider a Non Surgical treatment to give you younger-looking skin? Perhaps youve tried one already? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter.