06 March 2014

Stretch marks on thighStretch marks, Scars, Cellulite and Spider Veins were the focus of a recent article from America's Fox News, when it spoke to experts to get the lowdown on the most effective treatments for each of these sensitive skin conditions. Spider Veins, or Thread Veins, the article says, are caused by a pooling of blood, which then enlarges the veins. As a result, Dr Robert J Min, Chair of Radiology at New York City's Weill Cornell Medical College, says the capillaries close to the skin's surface appear as red squiggles which can be treated by a procedure called Sclerotherapy. This involves the veins being injected with a medicated solution which causing them to collapse. Alternatively, Vascular Laser can also be used effectively as a treatment, as it emits radio waves which produce heat in the carefully-targeted area of the vein, causing it to contract.Stretch Marks, the article goes on to say, result when Collagen and Elastin - naturally produced to help keep the skin supple - fail to keep pace with changes in the body, caused by factors such as pregnancy or a growth spurt. The scars are the result of lower layers of the dermis breaking. The most effective treatment depends on the length of time the marks have been present, but generally involves a laser treatment to increase pigment production through a course of around five sessions, enabling the affected area to blend in with the surrounding skin. Scarring was highlighted as being influenced by genetic factors. Silicone-based creams can help reduce their appearance, but need to be applied regularly over several months for the best results. A quicker solution to consider is Fraxel Laser Therapy which promotes skin regeneration and boosts collagen production. Over time, these help level out areas of skin where a depressed scar once appeared. Cellulite is also caused in part by genetic factors, the also article notes and in the short-term can be treated by proprietary creams and gels, which should be applied daily. An alternative solution is a procedure called Endermologie, which involves a suction tube being passed over the affected area, followed by a heavy-duty massaging roller, which in combination plump up the skin to make dimples appear smoother.