02 June 2011

Woman measuring her chestWomen are consistently choosing the wrong bra size according to recent statistics, and the problem is compounded when they have breast enlargement surgery. Research shows that women have a tendency to choose bras with a back size that is too large and a cup size that is too small, making for underwear that does not support the breasts properly. Cosmetic surgery experts warn that the problem of wearing the wrong bra size is compounded when the size of the breasts is increased surgically. Post-surgical garments are recommended for two to three months after surgery, and experts have issued 10 guidelines to ensure a well-fitting bra for breast enlargement patients: 1.Book in for a proper bra fitting appointment in a well-respected shop. 2.Insist on being seen by a professional bra fitter rather than a shop assistant. 3.Explain what surgery you have had, when, and what the size increase was. 4.Try on lots of different brands and styles of bra as each one will fit slightly differently. 5.Ensure that the fit is comfortable, both around the back and the cups, and ensure the straps dont dig in. 6.Be aware that implanted and/or uplifted breasts tend to be more pert than natural breasts which makes checking for overall fit very important. 7.Choose bras that are appropriate for the size and weight of your breasts. For example, a skimpy bra with thin straps will not be appropriate for large, heavy breasts. 8.See what suits your shape best out of the styles on offer. 9.Treat yourself to some pretty underwear that will make you feel even better about your new breasts.