Experts reveal all about Vaginoplasty surgery

Experts reveal all about Vaginoplasty surgery

18 February 2016

Singer Sinitta made the headlines this week for live streaming her friend’s Vaginoplasty procedure – but what exactly is it? Experts reveal what you need to know about this latest Cosmetic Surgery trend.

  • What is a Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty (also known as Cosmetic Gynaecology) is a procedure undertaken by women who want to improve the appearance of their vagina. This could be following childbirth or due to changes as they have aged.

  • What to expect from the procedure

There are different types of Cosmetic Gynaecology – all with varying aims. For example, the Cosmetic Surgeon may trim excess skin from the labia minora to reduce the length or size. Some patients may have Filler injected into the vagina to make it narrower – it all depends on what the patient is hoping to achieve.

  • Is it a common procedure?

The procedure is becoming increasingly popular with women of a certain age. On the day of surgery, patients will be given a local anaesthetic and allowed to leave the clinic an hour after the procedure. You’ll usually be advised to wear a pad as well as refrain from intercourse for up to a week afterwards to allow the body to heal.

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