Experts reveal five Tummy Tuck benefits

17 August 2016

Experts reveal five Tummy Tuck benefits

Tummy Tuck procedures (also known as Abdominoplasty surgery) are becoming increasingly popular for patients looking to firm and tone their abdominal area as a result of ageing, giving birth or severe weight loss.


There’s more to be gained from a Tummy Tuck than a more well-defined stomach though. Here are five additional benefits.


·         Maintaining weight loss is easier

Swiss researchers have found that patients who undergo weight reduction surgery in conjunction with a Tummy Tuck are more likely to maintain their new figures.


·         Say hello to exercise

For those carrying around excess skin or patients with weak abdominal muscles, building up stamina to exercise regularly can be difficult. Having a Tummy Tuck procedure can help to remove loose, excess skin as well as firm and tone your stomach muscles. Post-surgery, you’ll find it easier to increase your body’s tolerance for exercise, which in turn will help you to maintain a strong core and prevent you from putting on all of the weight you lost before the procedure.


·         Your posture will be better

A combination of weak abdominal muscles and excess skin can cause problems with posture. When your stomach muscles are tightened during your Tummy Tuck surgery, this will help to support your spine too, reducing back pain and improving your posture.


·         No more hernias

If you’ve undergone a Caesarean section or an appendectomy, you may have been left with a ventral hernia – where the abdominal tissue or intestine pushes through the abdominal wall. Tummy Tuck surgery strengthens the muscles in your abdomen, giving you relief from hernias.


·         Say goodbye to stress urinary incontinence

Following a vaginal birth, some women can develop stress urinary incontinence – where the bladder empties itself during exercising, coughing, laughing or sneezing. If you suffer from this, you may wish to consider Tummy Tuck surgery. During the procedure, the bladder will be obstructed with soft tissue, preventing you from experiencing further problems with stress urinary incontinence.


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