19 June 2014

With the beauty industry boasting a number of different treatments and skincare products, certain buzzwords will crop up from time to time yet while they sound promising, its surprising just how many people are at a loss as to what these words really mean.One such example is collagen; and while this word is prevalent across the health and beauty community, its properties remain a mystery to those unfamiliar with this ingredient. Not for much longer though, thanks to one beauty experts tips about collagen from how to look after our skin to which foods can help boost our collagen levels. Collagen is a jelly-like protein which forms a mesh structure inside the skin, she explains. It contributes to a plump and younger-looking complexion, but the older we get, the less collagen our body produces. Contributing factors such as sun exposure, smoking and poor diets can sap up essential collagen supplies however, performing a snap back test can give a rough indication as to the amount of collagen you have. Simply pinch the skin on your arm or the back of your hand then see how quickly it springs back. Its a common myth that skin can draw in collagen from various face creams, but this isnt the case. Collagen cant be absorbed through the skin, our expert states. The molecule is too large so when it is used in anti-ageing creams all it can do is sit on the surface helping to lock in moisture. When shopping for an anti-ageing remedy, it is recommended to look out for key components such as vitamin C, sirtuins, copper peptides and amino acids. To increase collagen production, the secret lies in your diet with fish such as salmon and tuna proving hugely beneficial, as the omega-3 fatty acids assist in creating stronger cells. Red and orange vegetables are particularly good for collagen, along with protein but if you fancy the star treatment, you can always opt for a combination of laser or radio frequency and ultrasound treatments. Just recently, Gwyneth Paltrow admitted how undergoing a collagen heating treatment took years off her appearance! Whats your preferred method of keeping your collagen in good condition? Do you find certain foods do the trick, or are cosmetic treatments more up your street? Bare all with The Harley Medical Group community on Twitter now.