26 January 2012

Cosmetics experts have revealed that January and February are the best months to start a course of laser hair removal or medical microdermabrasion. In a report published by WoodTV.com, experts at the Carlson Laser Aesthetics clinic in Michigan said that now is the best time to have a course of non-surgical facial treatments in time for the summer months. While women often want to look their best during the summer, the advice to book in now is based on research which shows that the skin can be particularly sensitive to the sun immediately after a skin peel or course of laser hair removal.Patients usually require an average of six treatments of laser hair removal to see the best results, which is equal to a period of approximately 12 weeks. It is also recommended that prolonged exposure to the sun is avoided for two weeks before laser hair removal begins, and for two weeks afterwards. Many patients see a permanent removal or reduction in hair following laser hair removal, and the treatment has many celebrity followers, including Kim Kardashian.