06 August 2014

When youre a teenager, the last thing you worry about is how your skins going to look a few decades down the line but before you know it, the years have caught up with you; and youre now staring in a mirror wondering where those dreaded wrinkles have come from. While we cant advise on one single technique to help you wind back the years, we do have some essential nuggets of wisdom to keep you looking your youthful best:
  • 20s
The early signs of ageing tend to kick in from 25 onwards, so equip yourself with cleansing and moisturising creams containing retinol and vitamin E. Prevent Sun Damage that can lead to premature ageing by using sunscreen on a daily basis (which you can wear underneath your makeup for the cosmetically-conscious).
  • 30s
Youre now entering the pre-ageing zone so youd best get some nightly retinol cream. Reducing cell cycle turnover, this boosts collagen along with helping to clear up any Adult Acne.
  • 40s
You may notice your skin beginning to lose its elasticity, so remedy this with collagen-boosting moisturiser specifically those containing hyaluronic acid (hydration is important, with this ingredient helping to attract water).
  • 50s
Now youre in your 50s, your skin will be much drier. Exfoliate weekly, and keep skin hydrated during the day its recommended you get skin care products that will help rebuild your elastin and collagen levels as well as improve the appearance of your skin.
  • 60s
Due to having 30 per cent less natural moisture compared to 30 years prior, stop saggy skin by using a gentle non-drying cleanser on your neck and face and finish with a daily moisturiser and an Anti-Ageing night cream. And dont forget to exfoliate! How do you turn back time when it comes to skin care? Let us know on Facebook.