11 April 2012

Consumers have been warned that DIY Botox and dermal fillers could “cost you an awful lot”. Experts from the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia have spoken out to protect those thinking about having unregulated non-surgical treatments and injectables from undue risk and harm. President of the society, Dr Gabrielle Caswell, said: “We've had certain cases where people have actually injected stuff from the internet ... I think there's a lot of internet spruikers (people promoting their own cause); it's a cautionary tale that's been going on for quite a while.”Last year, one woman ended up with hugely swollen lips after her friend injected her with filler bought online. And she is not the only one to have suffered adverse reactions to unlicensed products sold by unregulated websites. “Injecting something that's obviously not sterile and you have no idea what's in it ... the money that you tried to save ends up costing an awful lot when you have to visit a round of doctors to try to fix it,” said Dr Caswell. Botox and other injectable treatments are continuing to rise in popularity, with approximately £420m being spent annually – up 15 per cent on figures from 2010. Debra, a Botox patient from Templestowe, said she couldn’t see why people would risk injecting themselves or allowing friends to get involved. She said: “Botox is something you don't play around with. It's a toxin and it can paralyse.” See original story here: