07 April 2011

With more and more people choosing to have cosmetic surgery each year, experts are warning patients of the risks of having Botox injections at home. Mobile Botox is on the rise, offering patients the chance to have cheaper treatments and avoid the bother of travelling to a clinic. However, experts are warning that the dangers increase dramatically when the injections are administered by unqualified people, in premises that are unregistered and unchecked. Mr Ash Mosahebi, a consultant plastic surgeon, warns patients that he has seen the results of backstreet Botox. When things go wrong they can go badly wrong, he told BBCs Newsbeat. Mr Mosahebi added: You're putting your health and well-being at risk by trying to save a few pennies. I've seen some terrible botched jobs. Fillers have gone all over the place and migrated to places they shouldn't have gone and it's been virtually impossible to correct it. The worst case scenario could leave you being disfigured. Representatives from the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses also stressed the need to be careful when having non-surgical treatments.