Experts weigh up the importance of daily sunscreen application

Experts weigh up the importance of daily sunscreen application

28 January 2015

We’re always being told to apply sunscreen daily to keep our skin protected and to prevent long term damage. The big question that’s on everyone’s lips however, is: Is it really necessary?


Let’s find out as three experts weigh up the importance of daily sunscreen application.

  • Dermatologist’s View

You’d expect a dermatologist to be all for sunscreen but in actual fact we’re told that sunscreen need only be applied on days when you’ll be exposed to the sun for a long period of time – which rules out pretty much most of the year in the UK.

While skin cancer is becoming increasingly prevalent in the UK, it’s not necessary to wear sunscreen every day, according to one skin cancer expert. She also goes as far to suggest that shade and clothing offer better protection than sunscreen on a hot day. That said, when choosing sunscreen look out for one with an SPF15 minimum (for UVB protection) and four star rating (for UVA protection).

According to one makeup artist, wearing sunscreen daily offers great skin benefits. She recommends applying it in the winter as well as during the summer to give skin the best all-round protection. She’s also keen to stress the Anti-Ageing benefits of regular sunscreen application.


So there you have it – three different viewpoints from the experts; but who do you agree with? Send us a tweet with your viewpoint.