24 January 2014

Woman lookin up at camera from belowNoticing dark under-eye circles and eyebags can be an unhappy part of the ageing process. According to Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Adam Scheiner however, bags are only part of the problem. He claims that many people mistakenly believe that they’re suffering from under-eye bags, when in actual fact, what they really have are Festoons. The two can be distinguished from their location on the face. Dr Scheiner elaborates: “Bags are caused by fat protruding through the skin in the lower eyelid area, while festoons, which also protrude, are primarily on the upper part of the cheek.”The reason patients often confuse the two is due to the fact that, when both occur, they can resemble “one large protrusion”. However, they are very different. The same goes for treatment options – under-eye circles and bags can be minimised often with make-up or by using specially formulated eye creams, while Festoons require Eyebag Removal surgery. He does however advocate a proper skin care regime as a way to prevent the onset of Festoons, advising people to avoid sun exposure, smoking, and stress. “If you take care of your skin now, you can avoid developing these pesky problems altogether”, he says.