27 January 2012

A damn good eye cream is the best investment you can make, so says the author of The feature on the importance of eye cream to an anti-ageing regime was inspired by a piece in Allure Magazines book, Confessions of a Beauty Editor, in which the author said that regular moisturisers worked just as well as specialist eye creams to keep the area around the eyes looking young.The author, known only as Marta, vehemently disagreed with the opinion and wrote at length about five reasons why eye cream is so important in a skincare regime.Milia keratin-filled cysts that look like whiteheads and can appear as the result of using heavy creams that prevent the natural shedding of dead skin cells. Marta insists that an anti-ageing eye gel, serum or light cream can prevent milia from appearing. Sensitivity be sure to choose an eye cream that doesnt contain ingredients such as hexylene glycol that can cause damage to your eyes. Dark circles choose eye creams that are specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of these as regular creams and gels will be of little use. Puffy eyes look for specialist eye creams that can help to reduce water retention and the leaking of fluids from the capillaries into the tissue. Crepey lines Marta writes that she was only able to eliminate crepe (lots of very fine lines in the skin) when [she] made the investment in a very good eye cream.