Eye surgery gaining popularity among men over 50

22 July 2013

Businessman in suitAn increasing number of middle aged men are opting for eyelid surgery in Long Island, New York, according to surgeon Dr Bruce Brewer. Dr Brewer, a specialist in the procedure, said: “What was once a social stigma is now becoming an investment for men hoping to continue operating within an increasingly image driven world.“The competitive nature of business has escalated to the point where middle aged patients are starting to feel that looking young is a reflection of their clout within a given industry.” As men have heavier facial muscles and thicker skin, cosmetic eyelid surgery must be evaluated and performed in a very specific manner. The level, shape and contour of men’s eyebrows are also different to women’s, which can bring further problems as the skin ages. The procedure generally lasts around two hours and firstly involves the redistribution of fat. Skin on both the upper lid and below the eye is then tightened. Procedures can be tailored towards those nervous about cosmetic surgery, providing subtle enhancement.