26 June 2013

cosmetic injection of botoxModel and actress Vanessa Williams wowed the crowds when she stepped out at the opening night of a friend's latest play in New York. And while she was being snapped by the paparazzi and loving the attention the 50-year-old mother of three also showed why she has previously championed the effects of Botox. In the past, Ms Williams - who holds the distinction of having become the first black Miss America, and who went on to star in the TV series Ugly Betty - has called it a "miracle drug, no cutting, nothing," and added "I love it".And the Daily Mail praised her appearance at this week's premiere, noting "she did not appear to be at all over-done." Ms Williams lost her beauty title after she did a naked photo shoot for Penthouse magazine but this hasn't held back her career, which has seen her nominated for multiple awards for her singing as well as her acting on both stage and screen. And while the effects of the Botox on her brow and around her eyes could clearly be seen in this week's photos, the Mail claimed she "could still win any beauty contest".