28 July 2014

She’s one of the most popular actresses, is worth around $200 million (around £118 million) and to top it all off, has managed to retain her youthful looks. Believe it or not, Sandra Bullock celebrated her 50th birthday on Saturday 26 July – so just how does she manage to stay so young-looking? There have been numerous reports over the years of Bullock having undergone Cosmetic Surgery, including Rhinoplasty and a Forehead Lift, to help make the contours of her nose narrower and to smoothen out any forehead lines. Back in 2011, a friend of the star told OK Magazine: “It looks like she’s had Botox injections on the upper and lower corner of her eyes, which soften crow’s feet and pulls up the outer edges of the brow and lifts the lid”. Further rumours include Bullock’s use of Dermal Fillers to help soften fine lines around her mouth. Cosmetic Surgeon to the stars, Dr Anthony Youn observed that Bullock has had “regular facials and mild chemical peels” to give her skin a youthful look. Whether there is any truth in the rumours or not, we think Sandra Bullock looks fabulous for her age – but what are your thoughts? Let us know on Facebook.