04 February 2011

Having a face lift is no longer a one size fits all process, according to online newspaper Nutrition and Diet News. In a recent report, the newspaper said: Advances in plastic surgery have improved the choices offered when having a face lift. For those people who have noticed the effects of the ageing process on their face, and are looking to rejuvenate their appearance, there is now more than one face lift procedure on offer. The so-called traditional face lift is still available, a surgical procedure which sees the skin lifted away from the face, the underlying fatty tissue repositioned, and the muscles tightened using permanent sutures, but now less invasive options are also available. The Minimal Access Cranial Suspension (MACS) lift, also known as the short scar face lift, requires only tiny incisions in front of each ear, meaning the procedure can be carried out under local anaesthetic and recovery time is significantly shorter. The MACS procedure now means that cosmetic surgeons are able to offer bespoke options to those patients who are looking to have a brow lift, cheek lift or upper face lift.