13 February 2012

A woman has revealed how having face lift surgery dramatically changed her life for the better. Before the surgery, Glynis Jackson, 54, said her face made her look older than she felt and experienced low self-esteem and self-confidence as a result. In an interview with, the outpatient co-ordinator from Cardiff said: For the last 10 years Ive had very low esteem. When people were going out, Id make excuses. Id always feel old and Id gone from a happy person to a sad person.When I looked in the mirror Id say, Im not going out looking like this. I always thought that people were looking at me thinking I looked old. And even when I was only 50, I felt 60. The rest of my body was young because I kept fit, but the top part looked old and I lost all my confidence. I would never challenge anything, she added. She believes that it was stress that accelerated the ageing process, the stress of work and of dealing with various family illnesses. After the facelift surgery, Glynis said she looked and felt 10 years younger and had the confidence to do a presentation at work, something she would never have considered before the operation.