28 February 2012

A cosmetic surgeon in America has begun to perform so-called Face Time face lifts for patients. The procedure was said to be inspired by complaints from patients who said they didnt like the way they looked when using Apples video calling function, Face Time. Dr Robert Sigal, whose cosmetic surgery clinic is in Virginia, said he came up with the idea after his wife bought herself an iPhone 4 mobile phone.In a promotional video, Dr Sigal said: She got an iPhone I guess around 6 months ago, 8 months ago and she didnt like the way she looked while she talked on her iPhone. [Video calling on a mobile phone] tends to draw the chin in a little bit and accentuate any fullness they have in this [chin] area, he added. The Face Time facelift differs from a traditional neck lift in that incisions are made under the ears, rather than under the chin, so as not to leave visible, telltale scarring for future video-calling.See the original story here