18 June 2013

Woman removing bandages from faceAgeing causes more and more wrinkles to pop up – seemingly every day – and for those who have considered cosmetic surgery, a facelift may be the way to go. Although it won’t magically wash away 20 years, a procedure like this can make you look five to 10 years younger. Facelift surgery tightens underlying muscles, removes excess fat, and re-drapes the skin so it's in its rightful place.Do I need a facelift?Common complaints from patients seeking consultation include sagging in the mid-face, deep creases below the eyes and along the mouth, and jowls. As the elasticity of the skin diminishes, it can appear as if it is too big for the face – as a result, patients also look to remove the loose skin and fat below the chin and jaw, which often resembles a turkey wattle.Can I have a facelift?Anyone interested in having a facelift should be in good health and must not smoke. They must also be aware that the procedure will not help things such as drooping eyelids or brows. But other procedures can complement the work of a facelift and help make a patient look even younger.The procedureA facelift will take around two or three hours under a general anaesthetic. Incisions are made at the temples, extending to the ears – most of the time this incision is hidden in the hairline or natural creases of the face, though. After removing excess fat, the surgeon will lift and adjust the underlying muscles and tissue. Recovery time is about two weeks, after which patients can often return to work. Around ten years after the procedure, the face lift may need a touch up – extending your newly refined look into another decade.