Facial feminisation – the surgeries behind a transgender transformation

Facial feminisation – the surgeries behind a transgender transformation

14 August 2015

Caitlyn Jenner’s story has put transgender firmly in the media spotlight in recent months.  Her transformation is incredible, and while we were all blown away by her new body, as revealed on the cover of Vanity Fair, less attention has been paid to the facial Cosmetic Surgery Caitlyn has undergone.

Facial feminisation is a type of Cosmetic Surgery that specialises in ‘softening’ masculine features to give the patient a more womanly appearance. It is a combination of surgeries which commonly includes a Brow Lift, Rhinoplasty, Cheek Implantation and Lip Augmentation.

The main goal of the procedures is to reduce the prominent ridge around of the male forehead and eyebrows and create typically feminine characteristics including laterally arching brows, a narrower nose, smoother skin and fuller lips.

It’s a relatively unusual specialism, but one expert Surgeon explains the process of forehead contouring, “there is a ridge over the eyes and the eye sockets slip down and are smaller (in a man’s face)… so I actually a just that… remove the whole ridge bone and reconstruct it so it is now a woman’s head.”

The surgery can provide the transformational results hormone therapy lacks. As one patient explains, “Hormones can only do so much. Bone structure from testosterone over the years creates broader shoulders, bigger appendages, limbs, your hands are bigger, your feet are bigger… [by having Cosmetic Surgery] you’re removing one of those attributes that scream ‘this was once a man’ in my opinion.”

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Image credit: caitlynjenner/ Instagram