19 February 2014

SONY DSCHarnaam Kaur, a sufferer of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) has been given the name bearded lady on account of her decision to not remove her excess facial hair one of the side-effects caused by the condition. Unlike Harnaam Kaur, many women face a constant battle when it comes to removing unwanted hair. Its for this reason that the writer of an article on the subject has decided to rank the Facial Hair Removal methods in order, from worst to best.Razors are sent to the bottom of the pile and deemed a miserable slippery slope to 6 oclock shadow hell, on account of them causing hair to grow back darker and sharper than before. Other obvious Facial Hair Removal options, such as Removal Creams and Threading are also dismissed, mainly as a result of the pain they can cause, the itchy red rashes they can leave behind, and the speed at which hair grows back again afterwards. The top three positions, in reverse order, are awarded to Waxing, Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal. While the former considerably slows down regrowth and removes hair at the root, Waxing loses points on account of the pain. Electrolysis is said to be better in terms of regrowth than any of the above, owing to it killing the hairs by cutting off the blood and oxygen supply to them. It is however, the most painful of all Facial Hair Removal treatments - which leaves Laser Hair Removal in top place. With Laser Hair Removal, a laser is passed over the treatment area, destroying follicles at the root, and considerably slowing down the process of regrowth. After a course of treatments, unwanted facial hair can be permanently reduced. Whats more, its deemed virtually painless. Do you suffer from PCOS? Let us know your preferred hair removal method on Facebook.