12 September 2013

Surgeon measures woman for breast implantsPlanning ahead when organising breast augmentation surgery can have you "ahead of the game" by spring break, according to a leading US surgeon. Dallas-based surgeon Dr John B Tebbetts says the fall (autumn) is the best time of year for women to go ahead with breast surgery. While he says that 96 per cent of his patients will be back to their normal activity schedule in 24 hours, Dr Tebbetts insists that healing is a process.Following surgery, nerve regeneration can take between six and nine months to complete, while an incision is only considered to be "fully mature" a year after surgery has taken place.According to Terrye Tebbetts, patient educator at Dr Tebbetts' practice in Dallas, with children back at school and summer coming to an end, there is no better time to book in an operation."If you have surgery in the fall, you will be ahead of the game by spring break," he said. "So many women wait until they have that tropical trip right around the corner before they pull the trigger and have surgery."Plan ahead, have breast augmentation in the fall, so that by the time that trip of a lifetime rolls around, your new breasts are pretty and natural and all yours!"