Fashion Editors Reveal Their Essential Time-Saving Beauty Hacks

Fashion Editors Reveal Their Essential Time-Saving Beauty Hacks

24 October 2014

While many of us would love a few extra minutes in bed, if it came to looking our best versus having a morning lie-in, the general consensus would be ensuring sacrificing a decent night’s sleep for a top notch appearance. Thankfully, there may be a way of saving precious time in the mornings – and we have some of the world’s top fashion editors ready to share their top tips!

Jess Cartner-Morley has a couple of genius hacks: “I get my clothes together the night before. It always starts with a practicality, whether that’s flat shoes for days with loads of walking or having to look smart for an event, and I have formulas for each eventuality.” And for those looking to squeeze in a run before work? “Also, I wear tooth-whitening strips while going for a run,” she adds. “It’s brilliant because (a) you look stupid running anyway (OK, I do) and (b) it makes you feel incredibly smug.”

Can you have your boiled eggs AND eat it? According to deputy fashion editor, Hannah Marriott, it’s possible: “While I brush my teeth in the shower, I turn on the oven long before I’m ready to eat and hard-boil my eggs for breakfast while steaming my face (both take 9-10 minutes),” she explains.

If these hard-working fashion editors can do it, then so can we! But what’s more important to you – getting extra sleep, or looking sensational? Cast your votes on Twitter!