29 July 2007

Vicky Lewis, 24, a hairdresser from Newcastle Upon Tyne, had always hated her nose and was teased badly at school.

News of the World'Fast Fix'

"The boys used to call me Pinocchio in front of my friends," she explains. "It got so bad, I couldn't bear looking at my own reflection. As I got older I started saving for a nose job - I knew I wouldn't be happy until I changed it." Vicky went for three consultations and eventually opted for Rhino Tip Surgery with the Harley Medical Group at a cost of 2,550. "They promised minimal scarring to go with the shape I wanted," says Vicky. "I was scared on the day of the operation but apart from having to wear support bandages for a week, there was no real down time. Now I love my new nose and the compliments I get!"Read more about rhinoplasty procedures and our cosmetic surgery guide.Contact us today to book your free rhinoplasty consultation with one of highly qualified Nurses.