29 August 2012

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new non-surgical procedure called ‘CoolSculpting’. It can be used to treat areas of fat around the stomach and hips, with the treatment taking around an hour for each section of fat that needs to be removed, Wave3 reports.The solution works in a similar way to a vacuum, sucking up sections of fat before cooling them down. Over a period of time the fat cells then die and reduce their lipids, which means patients begin to see a reduction in the size of the area being treated. Karen Kent, who lives in the US, tried the treatment in January 2012 and was thrilled with the results. "I lost an inch in my waist line, which I was really pleased [about]. I wasn't expecting to lose that much,” she said. The number of treatment sessions people need depends on the amount of fat they want to lose. Dr Joseph Banis, who is one of the first doctors in Kentucky to offer the solution to his patients, explained that although people could put weight back on after the procedure, the contour of their body would always remain altered for the better. Read the full story here: