20 August 2010

If you're someone like me, who gets a little fed up at the thought of having to shave every time I want to wear a short skirt, you might have already had a think about laser hair removal. This is a treatment that takes a few sessions, but that can drastically reduce the amount of body hair you have. For some people, body hair isn't a problem at all, but for others it can be something that makes them feel very self-conscious - especially if their hair is particularly dark or heavy, or grows in unusual or prominent places. One of the great things about laser hair removal is that it's not restricted to your legs or armpits, it's sensitive enough to be carried out in a number of places - including your face, or even your nipples.The thing about a treatment like laser hair removal is that it can be done very discreetly, and that means that people tend to be even more secretive about it than they are about other cosmetic procedures. However, it's one of our more popular treatments, with many people coming to us to tackle their unwanted body hair, and a number of stars are starting to speak up about their love of the procedure. Alyssa Milano, who I loved in Charmed, is a fan of laser hair removal and her pale skin and dark hair make her a perfect candidate. Traditionally, laser treatment is absorbed better by dark hair, but at The Harley Medical Group we now have laser removal suitable for blonde hair too (we're the leading laser hair removal clinic in the UK). Another celebrity who's happy to talk about her treatments is Kim Kardashian. The model said she's had laser hair removal on her arms, underarms, legs and bikini line, and that she blamed her Armenian heritage for her hairiness. Laser hair removal takes several treatments, but the effects are long lasting. For the best results, you want to make sure you see trained and professional nurses and practitioners - like the ones here at Harley - who'll be able to tell you if laser hair removal is right for you, so you can look forward to ditching that razor!