19 February 2009

Financial Times - Men facing up to nips and needlesCosmetic surgery for men anxious about how they look at work no longer raises an eyebrow; write Mathew Garrahan and Emma Jacobs. In the UK, Steven Clarke, a 25-year-old engineer at Rolls-Royce, has had laser treatment at plastic surgery specialists The Harley Medical Group to remove sun scars under his eyes. It seems that younger men such as Mr Clarke and Mr Burling are part of a generation that may be more comfortable with the idea of at least the non-invasive treatments.Mr Clarke says: If you dont look after yourself it shows youve got no discipline and that doesnt reflect well on your work life. Ive thought that if after lots of late nights working for Roll-Royce I start to feel tired, then Id probably have an eye lift. Last month, The Harley Medical Group detected a new trend, City severance surgery, after observing City of London bankers using their redundancy packages to rejuvenate their appearance to boost the chance of finding a new job.