Find out what it’s really like to get Lip Fillers

5 February 2016

Over time and as we age, we lose volume in our face and lips, causing once-plump pouts to look thinner. This leads many women to consider Lip Fillers to give their lips – and confidence – a much needed boost. One woman describes her experience with the treatment.

“It wasn’t that I ever thought my natural lips made me ‘ugly’ or ‘less attractive’. On the contrary, I sort of liked them.

“[…] But as I began to age, I noticed they started to look, well, a little lacklustre”, explained Plus-Size blogger Courtney.

Having heard about how Lip Fillers could restore her pout instantly, Courtney began to consider undergoing the treatment. After all, she argued, if she didn’t like the results, the hyaluronic acid that makes up the treatment would naturally break down within a few months and her lips would revert back to the way they were.

Courtney described her search for the right clinic, explaining “it was absolutely crucial for me to have someone qualified do the procedure. […] You really want to make sure that the person performing the injections is qualified to do so and that you have access to medical help, should anything go wrong.”

She decided to only have half the amount of filler usually injected into a patient’s lips, opting for a subtle enhancement so that her lips would still look natural.

Courtney described her reaction to the results as “ecstatic”, adding “those were my lips, looking very much the same as they had before age took away some of my collagen.”

Although she experienced some slight swelling for three days following treatment, there was little discomfort and more importantly, Courtney was happy with the way her lips looked, giving Lip Fillers her “kiss of approval”.

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Image credit: Kovalchynskyy Mykola/